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Holistic Care Using Alternative Therapy: Treating the Mind, Body and Soul

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How to feel good about yourself: Treating the Mind, Body and Soul The road to recovery from an illness can be difficult. Sometimes we want to achieve something, and we can’t because of our health. Some people find it hard to overcome anxiety – or to block out the negative voice in their head,

5 Essential Oils That Help With Mental Health And Wellbeing

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For thousands of years, aromatherapy practitioners have known the benefits of essential oils on mental health and well-being. The ancient Romans and Egyptians are well documented as using essential oils, and there are records of exchanges of essential oils for gold of key caravan routes. In 2018, humans often rely on chemical concoctions to to

How I Took The Control Back Of My Own Life

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When You Lose Control Have you ever felt like you’ve lost control of your own life? Where you find yourself spiralling into a negative rut and feel like there is no way up? Sometimes though, there is point in life when things seem to be on the up finally...but then, a situation, circumstance