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James Knight,
Level 4 Personal Trainer, Fully Qualified Nutritionist

Are you letting your life get the better of you?

Are your choices are impacting your lifestyle and health? 

Could you benefit from a one to one experience with a qualified nutritionist to suit your condition, health and capabilities?

James has worked with some of the most famous international athletes in the world for over 8 years.

He developed into an expert level trainer that had many key skills in athletic development and sports nutrition.

For the past 5 years James has dedicated himself entirely, in developing his personal training business and professional studies. James has become a highly regarded and successful personal trainer/ online coach, specialising in body and lifestyle transformation.

He is an extremely motivated and dedicated trainer, passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others attain their lifestyle goals for long term success.

James has now developed several online programs including the JKT Transformation. This fantastic online program consists of a 12 week progressive body weight workout video series, comprehensive nutrition manuals and free instant access to his VIP private support group on Facebook.

His programs are specifically to help the busy population that want a fast, effective and simple online system that fits in around their lifestyle, no matter where they live.

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Sarah Acheson,
Level 3 Personal Trainer

I help you to set goals, take yourself out of your comfort zone and push you to focus on what you need to do to hit them…

I’ve been training Faisal now for 2 years. When I first started training Faisal I picked up where his previous PT had left off. He had been happy with his training but not his overall body fat percentage.

During our sessions getting to know him I realised that he was starting to plato on his diet, although he’d lost a lot of weight he was looking skinny and flat on his arms and chest rather than lean and muscular. He was worried his stomach wasn’t slimming down anymore.

After a review I asked if we could put him on a different type of eating programme rather than a diet. We split his sessions into different days with a different area to focus alongside a carb cycle. We carried this through to his holiday.

Due to the unfortunate events that happened on his holiday, although he gave it 110% the stress that he was going through were slowing down the results. Eventually this started to de-motivate him. I took the time to talk through what had happened, be a support and would try help him through a difficult time and tried to rebuild his way.

After a couple of months I could tell he was back motivated, determined and ready to get the results. We set up a 12 week programme, I set out a target body fat percentage for him to achieve every 4 weeks. His training was harder every session, 5 am get ups to late night sessions there was no stopping him. I measured his results using fat callipers and progress pictures. His programme has since started to include more core work which has really progressed the target area where he struggled to see results.

He has hit every target set out by us both, although I like to set his targets high, I know if any client could hit them it is Faisal. He pushed through his pain barrier in every session and has found the confidence to add his own abs session when not with me, this is something he thought he would not have the confidence to do. He has become a big presence in the classes, he is by far the easiest to train and has allowed me to grow as a trainer and develop my skills.

Are you based in the Manchester area and ready to personalise your Fitness Journey?

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