The power of positive affirmation is something philosophers have pondered over for many thousands of years. If you don’t know what a positive affirmation is, it is a statement of positivity said with confidence, and many people believe that the daily use of them can transform your life completely.


The basic belief is that repeating the things you’re striving for as though they’re actually, really, definitely going to happen will bring them into your life. For example, you might be on your way to an interview and repeat over and over again the words “I am good enough to get this job. I am good enough to get this job.” Those who believe in positive affirmations will tell you that your brain cannot understand the difference between what’s real and what’s fantasy, and these spoken positive affirmations will reprogramme it, giving you the best possible chance at turning your dreams into reality.


It might sound like craziness, but take yourself over to Google and have a real look into it. Millions of people swear by the power of positive affirmation, and many of them are wildly successful. Many movie stars and millionaires maintain that they always knew that they would be successful. It is likely that these people use positive affirmations naturally, perhaps because their parents did the same, or because they’ve subconsciously learned that they work.

Here are our top tips for making them work for you.


  1. Get rid of your negative thoughts


When you were young, were you ever told that you weren’t good at something? Perhaps someone told you that you were clumsy or ungraceful, or that you were really bad at something. These are negative affirmations, and you might not realise that you’ve been holding on to them and they’re affecting your behaviour.


Write down all the things you think are bad about yourself, and turn your negative affirmations into positive ones. For example, you might write “I am unworthy of love”. Turn this instead into “I am an extremely lovable person”. Say it to yourself every day, out loud and with confidence. You’ll soon see that you stop feeling so bad about things that have bothered you before.

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  1. Bring new opportunity into your life


Write down the things you want. You might be looking for love, for example. Please note that you can’t just say the words “I will find a wife” or “I will find a boyfriend” over and over again and expect it to work. This isn’t magic. If it was that easy then everybody would be doing it, and people would be asking for Bradley Cooper lookalikes all over the place.


But what you can say is something like “I am worthy of a loving partner”, for example. You might not feel as though your lack of self worth is holding you back from finding what you’re looking for, but you’ll be surprised how frequently it is. Positive affirmations will force you to get out of your own way.


It’s important that you don’t speak your positive affirmations in a lacklustre manner. You must take some real time mulling over the words you’re speaking, and really focus on believing them.


You might feel a little stupid at first, but tell me, what have you go to lose by taking the time to try it? If there’s something you really want, and if you’d do almost anything to get it, then what’s the harm in giving positive affirmations a good go?

  1. Tell everyone around you about it


Ok, so some people are going to think you’re totally barmy. It happens. Not everyone is open to this kind of help. Lots of people will tell you that it’s impossible to retune your brain, but for every person who doesn’t believe you, there’ll be someone else who does, and if they start practising with their own positive affirmations and find it’s working, they’re going to be better people to be around.


If they’re not open to it, that doesn’t mean that you can’t positively affirm them anyway. Tell your colleague how incredibly organised they are. Tell your son that he’s a master storyteller, and the next time he writes creatively as part of his English project, he’ll do so with confidence. Tell your friend that she’s an incredible baker, and she’ll be a little happier the next time she makes a cake. We’re highly likely to carry compliments with us, so dish them out to everyone. Push positive affirmations on those you love, and you’ll be helping them without them even knowing it.