How Can I Help You?

Are you struggling with your goals?

Do you need accountability and professional advice to keep you moving towards your goals?

With our resident Personal Trainer, Sarah Acheson, all this is on hand.

We also work with Professional Nutritionist, James Knight to make sure you are fueling your body in the right way.

We can also assist you with the latest scientifically proven supplements to help you to feed your body with the essential nutrients for health and vitality.

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  • Private Facebook Support Group

  • Weekly Workouts

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Recipes

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Do you struggle with food preparation and meal ideas? Not sure of what you should be eating?

Our exclusive group will provide you with the tools to all of these back on track:

  • Diet

  • Life

  • Mindset

  • Skin Health

  • Goals

The focus is not just on what we put into our bodies but also how we bring abundance to our lives. Creating something that will help us build the life of choice that we want. Our Kitchen of life will help you focus on creating stepping stones to allow you to create a life filled with self love, knowing your worth.. being the strongest and healthiest you.

We will provide you with the tools to create goals, achieve and win based on what you see as success.

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  • Live Fitness Professional Sessions
  • Live Skin Health Talks With Derma Therapists
  • Live Sessions With Mindset Coaches
  • Food Ideas
  • Live Cooking Shows
  • Self Love and Self Worth Focus Sessions

We equip you with the tools to create a better you.

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Ever feel like you set a goal and end up giving up? Are you struggling to get your life back on track? Are you letting your life be taken over by a chronic condition?

This is how I can help:

Meta health analysis: This is taking an illness, breaking down the symptoms, working back to the original trauma and allowing you to realise the cause of the illness.

Acupuncture without the needles. Working on blocked meridians that cause us upset, fears phobias. Again working on emotions and clearing them.

A cross between shamanic journeying, EFT and hypnotherapy. Going in the the younger self in order to help release them from a trauma. Clear the energies and reimprinting something lovely with the help of the younger self.

This covers all of the above but working on physical/emotional energies in the body rather than memories. This allows for a greater understanding of the body field and how the body and energetic field interplay and each is directly linked.

This is also a lovely way of clearing energies… especially ancestral stuff. Using timeline to clear past, present and future issues. This allows for ancestors, current family and future generations to benefit from a clearing.

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Why Kickstart Business?

Whether Network Marketing is a brand new idea, concept or focus or you have heard about it but don’t quite get the facts, I will help clear that understanding and clarify what it is.

What Is Network Marketing?

In my opinion, it is an amazing profession. It gives ordinary people the opportunity to start a business with minimal at limited costs and with a potential to create a life of choice.

OK… But What Is It…?

Network marketing is simply a social way of spreading your message.

Do you recommended something to a friend , associate, work colleague?

  • This could be a book?
  • A film?
  • A restaurant?

We don’t create a income for our recommendations but with Network Marketing this is they way it works.

The scope and opportunity we have to connect with individuals across the globe and spread the word via social media is ever growing to be the fastest way to market . For me, all I did was share and use a product that I love and believe in and it’s help me create a successful business and grow a brand I truly believe is authentic and me.

Quite simply it takes time, effort and being open to learning new skills to create a mindset for success.

Success has a different definition to different people. How can you gauge whether someone is successful? For some people, making a few hundred extra every month, meeting new people and adding fun to life is success, for others, changing their future and having financial freedom . The BEST thing about Network Marketing is YOU are in control of what success looks to you and how you want to create it.

-Bill Gates

I have mentored people to build a business around hectic lifestyles, no matter the vocation – Corporate Executives, Performers, Psychologists, IT Technicians, Students, School Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers. We rise by helping lifting up others in this Profession and nothing means more to me than knowing that I have impacted someone’s life for the better.

So finally, ask yourself the following…

  • If you could choose your office for a day, where would it be?
  • How many hours would you do? Who would you work alongside?

When you choose to become a Network Marketing Professional, you get the freedom of these choices.

Is it always easy? No.

There are skills to learn and I made some short term sacrifices.

Is it worth it? 1000% YES!

To have the life I now have and to be able to give that gift to others, it is worth every sacrifice. And the best thing about network marketing is the person you become along the way. It helps you grow through any personal pain, struggle and allows you learn the impact of goal setting and achieving. That element of self belief, love and self love is something that you enhance whilst working your business and yourself.

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