How positive affirmations can help you change your life

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The power of positive affirmation is something philosophers have pondered over for many thousands of years. If you don’t know what a positive affirmation is, it is a statement of positivity said with confidence, and many people believe that the daily use of them can transform your life completely.   The basic belief is that

How I Dealt With Pneumonia | Fais Project

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I wish to share with you a journey I have had to unfortunately go through, but one that I am now grateful for, because I managed to beat Pneumonia, learned to live a healthier lifestyle, and realised that sometimes we do need some advice from the experts on health care. Arbonne helped me on

Mirror Perfect

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Do you ever wake up feeling that dread of taking a glimpse of the slightest image of yourself, even those reflecting back at you through a mirror or phone. The fear of pictures of the night before, event or family gathering making their way round in a whats app group or Facebook ?  The fear

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